My name is Glenn Sidney, and I’m a full time Ruby on Rails developer and web consultant working independently by contract only. Currently I am based in Madison, Wisconsin. In 2007, I received a Double-Major in Mathematics and Computer Science with a Minor in Physics from High Point University. Since graduation I’ve been developing web applications and loving it.

My Style

The style I prefer to work in is to keep in constant communication so that updates/changes can be shared quickly. I’m happy to use Basecamp, Pivotal Tracker. Skype, AIM, email, phone chats, or whatever it takes to get things understood.

My normal routine is to take ideas that are given to me and then quickly come back with some ideas how how I feel it could best be implemented (with my primary focus being on an intuitive user experience). Once I have the “OK!” I build it and send back a screencast walking through all of the features that have been built or changed. I’m used to giving screencasts for updates 3 or more times a week per project to help keep everyone happy.

My Code

My coding style is heavily motivated by the BDD (Behavior Driven Development) revolution. The ability to write code while simultaneously building a framework of test cases that ensure my code is solid is absolutely the best way available to write fault-proof applications.

Additionally, I always do well to comment my code. Aside from the obvious reason that other developers will surely interact with it at some point, I mostly do it because occasionally I’ll forget why I wrote something otherwise!

My Rates

For new projects, I prefer to work with clients to assess their needs and develop a pricing model that makes both parties feel happy.

For existing work or consulting jobs, my standard rate is $120/hr.